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How many calories required for energy to do activities? Calorie calculate per day? Energy requirement of individual? calorie intake?

Both men and women required energy to do tasks as they wish.

But situation is different when, we say men wants to loose or gain weight then he/she should maintain their calorie level and energy consumed by those calories.

If you want to loose/gain body weight it is very necessary to calculate your calorie intake and energy consumed to maintain equilibrium.

The daily energy requirement of an individual is evaluated by adding the Basal Energy Requirement(BER) with Extra Energy Requirement(EER). 

The energy value is measured in heat unit calorie/kilocalorie. One calorie raises the temperature to one degree of one gram.

Now its time get know how calorie change our life from fat to fit, lean to mass and what not, yes!! Its true until you try it for just 3 weeks.

The Basal Energy Requirement(BER) by multiplying the body weight (in kgs) by 24 hours (one day) with 1.3 cal. As 1.3 calorie is required per kilogram, per hour of BER, i.e, 

1.3 cal. * body weight (kg)* 24 hours = Basal Energy Requirement. 

For eg:- If a person with body weight 60 kg then BER is 1.3 cal * 60 kgs* 24 hr = 1872 cal per day.

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The Extra Energy Requirement (EER) is calculated by multiplying the body weight (in kgs) by hours of training with 8.5 cal. As 8.5 cal is required per kilogram per hour of EER.

For eg:- If a person is with body weight 60 kgs and performs 2 hours of training then extra energy requirement is 

8.5 cal* 60 kgs* 2 hr = 1020 cal for two hour of training. 

Thus, total Energy requirement of a person with 60 kg body weight with 2 hour training workout in a day is adding BER with EER

you get:- BER(1872 cal) + EER(1020 cal) = 2892 Cal per day.

Approx energy required of various groups:-

Child of 2 years requires            =   800 calories per day,

Child of 10 years requires         =  1500 calorie per day,

Child of 14 years requires         =  1800 calorie per day,

Adult Female (50 kg) requires   =  2400 calorie per day,

Adult male (60 kg) requires       =   2800 calorie per day,

Adult male with heavy sports activity requires  =  3500 calorie per day,

Adult male with very hard physical activity requires  =  5000 calorie per day.


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